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Getalenteerde Scriptschrijver

Colin Dijkhuis

Email: [email protected] Need help with a writing project? Whether this is an idea that you would like to have scripted, or an existing script that you would like to review and correct, you have come to the right place. I work efficiently and accurately, and can (in collaboration with you) put together a great screenplay. My name is Colin Ramon. I am a semi-professional screenwriter from Groningen. I was born in 1998, and I am currently busy expanding my CV. You can expect a good ride from working with me. I am hardworking, creative, goal oriented, flexible, and I can work alone and in collaboration. At the end of the journey, you will also have a contact about what might be of use to you in the future. I would like to hear more about your project and/or your ideas. Together we will extra it out. Email: [email protected]

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Bericht geplaatst door: Colin Dijkhuis
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Op: 06-08-2022 / 1993 x bekeken
Categorie: Personen / crew , 18-30 , Man , Zeer ervaren , Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling) , Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding)
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