jobs in film- and television


Rock The ...Rock The Boat Merkactivatie 250 euro

Model in wheelchair Model in wheelchair

Woman in wheelchair. Age 30-55 years old. Appearance friendly 'real people'.

tilburg, NL


Movedmedi...Movedmedia Van den Bv 50 euro

Students wanted for extras Students wanted for extras

about 10 students, m/f, walking around with protest signs and being approached by security guards.

utrecht, NL


Jeroen De...Jeroen De Nie unpayed

Children wanted for sinterklaas mini-series Children wanted for sinterklaas mini-series

We are looking for 3 children, playing age +/- 10

alphen aan den rijn, NL


4 de gele...4 de gelegenheid 50 euro/dag

People with non-dutch roots People with non-dutch roots

We are looking for people with a non-Old Dutch Look. People with Roots outside Europe.

amsterdam e/o,