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D.O.P. / Editor at Season Four
Monaerk B.V.


We're looking for a Content Creator who loves sports.

We are Season Four. You may not have heard of us but we’re sure that you’ve seen some of our work. Set up by mønaerk as a creative content agency in sports, we work for international brands and sporting talents. We are a full-service content agency and combine the love of sports with our passion for content creation. Our goal is to tell stories that aren’t told before, using our creative skills. We’re a dynamic team of creative thinkers and are social minded. Our experience in different sectors, our professionalism, and deep knowledge of sport are what sets our clients up to win in local and international markets.


Functie eisen / profiel
As a content creative your days will be packed with shoot and editing days. You will get to work with the most talented directors, producers and editors out there. If you can’t get enough of everything that’s even close to content and as well love sports, you need to join us. We’ve worked with athletes like Paul Pogba, Virgil van Dijk, Gareth Bale and Frenkie de Jong At Season Four we make it normal to come up with groundbreaking concepts in sports. Don’t hesitate any longer if that’s what you aspire.

You will be part of our rising, creative and inventive team. Not only will you work at projects for Season Four, but you”ll get the chance to also work at other challenging projects of mønaerk. Our big brother. Your work will consist of:

+ create and edit outstanding film content
+ come up with creative concepts

+ work on sports content with a lot of space for novel ideas

You are:
A creative one man army with experience in film, editing and creative concepts

+ Driven

+ Inventive

+ Flexible

+ Passionate about sports

Wat bieden wij?
Informal working atmosphere
Responsibility and freedom
A team of driven talents
Room for development

You will become part of our creative team and will participate in projects, for international customers and brands. You are given a lot of responsibility, freedom and space to develop yourself.

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Op: 08-04-2021 / 611 x bekeken
Categorie: Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding
Verloopt op: 01-08-2021
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