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Seeking experienced doc maker
A mustt foundation

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Seeking experienced documentary maker multi skilled

We are an int NGO using the arts in its broadest sense to communicate about anything in the world which needs change or more awareness;; And for this purpose we create different events, give lectures, concerts, colloborate on int level with politicians on local , intrnational and EU , global level etc; Furthermore, we create docs and short films, multi media projects, social media projects and act as an independent think tank and do our own independent journalism projects;

Also we do our own independent research in many areas but mainly human rights, social issues; legal issues, medical issues,scientific areas, educational areas ,futuristic issues, arts issues and also create a lot of training and educational materials; We also have many interns and work internationally;And like to make a difference in the world with our challenging projects; We look for people who are multi skilled and also have the guts to think and act out of the box;; 

Seeking experienced multi skilled Documentary Maker who can start immediately ;

The goal of Stichting a MUSTT (www;musicfoundations.org) is firstly to better society through the use of arts and music in the broadest sense of the word. And secondly to communicate about any kind of subject through the means of arts and in particular focus on humanitarian issues, legal issues, scientific issues, medical issues and create among others documentaries ,but also websites,social media etc to bring awareness about what needs to change. 

Furthermore,a MUSTT is an international NGO and is a think tank while at the same time it takes actions to put its messages and missions into the world. We are looking for motivated and flexible people to help achieve these goals. Required experience and competencies ;

Stichting a MUSTT is looking for a documentary-film maker who has experience in making either scientific or educational docs, humanitarian and or social related docs. We have a number of subject matters that we would like to create documentaries about, all of which have a strong societal influence. 

We have a whole series of educational documentaries for instance in how to use arts more proactively in society. We furthermore have a whole series about educational videos scientific topics, around different subject matters such as how to deal with the corona crisis through alternative healing methods. 

We also have an educational series soon and some documentaries about quantum physics and the use of the new renewable resources, astrophysics,futurology, tesla, Einstein ,astronomy: And another project about changes needed in the legal systems,medical systems, the 5 g dangers, corona dangers etc; 

We also have created videos as promotion of certain countries or certain new healing methods, some spiritual and religious, scientific and artistic videos; And a whole series of educational and training videos; Furthermore we also created a number of videos on humanitarian issues and matters surrounding the outdated legal systems in many countries;And continue now with many other projects;

You must have knowledge or experience in one or more of the aforementioned areas, and be available to start right away. We further expect you to have a flexibility to deal with different matters involving documentary making such as: helping to find an outlet for the documentaries, find sponsoring for the projects,helping to enlarge the team and do HR etc.We look for the total package deal from A to Z So we want multi skilled people ho are not cherry picking but can be pro active in all aspects of getting the project off the ground and distributed after creation;

Additional details Our working language is English. Internationally minded people are encouraged to apply. Our working hours are flexible and to be discussed. The working place will be initially in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and rather soon also in Belgium Payment depends on your working experience and whether it is part of full time;A months salary is 3000 and for more experienced people 4000 to 5000; Half time is also possible;Preferably no zzpers or freelancers please we need people to devote fully to our projects and for long term;

 Only people available to start immediately should apply. Our working situation has been adapted to ensure that corona-measures are adhered to. This means outside meetings should the weather allow for it, and working from home where possible. If chosen to proceed to the next step of the application procedure, there will be a short meeting and try-out of few hrs where your skills will be tested and if the match with the visionary artist are matching;After this try out and meeting is successful you can get a paid contract and start working right away;We work currently with a small international team but like to expand our team asap;

You should have preferably your own equipment although we have our own as well; But you must have a laptop with editing possibilities and be able to travel as we will be going to different locations in belgium and sometimes france, besides Holland;Hoping to welcome you to our team;

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Op: 03-10-2020 / 693 x bekeken
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