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Seeking intern experienced in all round Journalisme with television :radio experience and / or written press. We are immediately looking for a journalist for a short assignment of a few weeks to possibly a few months if 1 assignments go well,in connection with themes around justice, social themes, humanitarian themes, corona themes,5G themes, medical themes;

 More specifically, the theme we are currently focusing on is with regards to the flaws of the legal justice system, the difficulties around getting qualified and competent lawyers to help as well as the lethargy of the police in handling certain urgent cases. We want to share the awful experiences that a well known artist had and is still having with the legal system in the Netherlands adn Belgium as she still struggles to get her case heard and taken seriously by lawyers and the police.

 We are looking for a journalist who can expose many of the shortcomings of these system through the story of this well known artist who suffered greatly; We are especially looking for people who have a lot of experience either in the television world or radio and / or written press, but we prefer hearing from people who know how to get our themes and short clips on certain television shows. You can either have experience in the Netherlands or in Belgium.

You can also work from home, but you must come for an introductory meeting and also do a short try-out in Amersfoort. We are looking for people who are available immediately and it is about writing part-time to the various press contacts that we have and following up on it all, plus helping to get the stories to the press in the right way and within your own network. The payment is good and depending on your experience; Work from home capabilities Flexible working hours If you work on a full time basis it is 900 to 1400 eor dependening of experience ;However, part time is also possible;Work is possible either in Holland or Belgium;

 You must have good contacts either in Holland and Belgium and get the foundation, the founder and the missions she is fighing for, into the actuality tv and radio shows,written press etc;etc;And help her create a mouvement and more awareness about important social issues;


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few weeks to a few months, depending how progress goes

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Bericht geplaatst door: A mustt foundation
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Op: 03-10-2020 / 350 x bekeken
Categorie: Stagevergoeding (marktconform)
Verloopt op: 03-11-2020
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