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Figuranten gezocht voor een mooi Virtual Reality project


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 from 07:45 to 12:00 we will realize a cool VR project, namely a scenario written for people with fear of flying. We still need enthusiastic extras for this!
A situation is simulated what happens when you board a plane; how everyone prepares for takeoff, and then landing. The plane remains silent, so there is not really flying. The extras play travelers who transport themselves by plane. A number of extras may have short text. This is all filmed with a 360 degree camera.
The goal is to help people with a fear of flying to overcome their fear through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. Under the supervision of their psychologist or therapist, they can then practice this situation with VR glasses on.

professionele productie / lowbudget


We are looking for enthusiastic extras who act out travellers!

+/- 2.5 uur

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€15,- pp & reiskostenvergoeding

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Op: 15-03-2023 / 792 x bekeken
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