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Flex broadcast studio


Muviews is a creative media and live broadcasting company based in Utrecht. We are passionate about creating informative-storytelling video content that evokes more interaction and better communication with your audience, viewers, partners, and clients.

Our production varies from normal video content to online live content;
- video clips,
- Product videos
- After films, documentary, and interviews

- podcasts,
- Live streams, webinars, talk shows, etc.

- Flexible broadcast studio

With our flexible Broadcast Studio, you can go in all directions with your webinar, live stream, instructional video, online talk show, presentation, and podcast streaming. Equipped with all necessary technology in the field of lighting, camera, and audio equipment and guidance by the operator. Our flex Broadcast Studio provides a professional studio completely at your own location.

Muviews, offers itself as an internal media partner for companies, cultural institutions, social organizations, education, retailers, hospitality, and creative composite industries. helps to develop a broad target group, customers, involvement, awareness, and better communication.

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Op: 17-01-2023 / 246 x bekeken
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