Ralph van de Weijer
Amsterdam / NL
cinematographer, cameraman

Graduated from the dutch filmschool in Amsterdam in 1994, I first gained experience working as a Gaffer/Best-boy and as a focus puller/1AC on seceral feature films, TV-drama and commercials, before starting to work as a Director of Photography.
Now I working as a DOP/Cameraman for TV drama, (Internet) commercials and documentaries. Always trying to use both my creativity and draw from the experience from the past, my goal is to contribute on a professional way to the production I'm working on, aiming to give it something extra.

Broad knowledge of the different aspects of the camera business and cameras. Both substantively and technically skilled. Also able to highlight sets! Extensive experience on drama sets such as DOP and Gaffer, and as a cameraman for documentaries. 16mm, 35mm, digital (RED, Alexa, sony,DSLR) good knowledge of Dutch/Spanish/German/English


camera - drama/fiction (main profession)
DOP / cinematographer (main profession)
camera operator (movie) (main profession)
focus puller (main profession)
camera - all round
camera - eng / tv / reportage
lightning / gaffer
camera - documentary
camera commercial
editing - final cut pro
teacher camera
directing - documentary

Corporate film, Documentary, Drama film, Drama for Television / Series

Ralph van de Weijer
Amsterdam / NL
cinematographer, cameraman