Mike Kuyt
Alkmaar / NL
actor, voice-over, director, filmmaker, training actor

For fifteen Years, I have been working for different media companies mainly as voice-over of commercials, cartoons, corporate movies and presentations on video and DVD, actor and translator of commercials and cartoons and sometimes as director and writer of theatre-plays and rtv commercials. My goal is to be as authentic as possible during my performings and as a person. On this moment I'm in a transition phase. To reach further than only my big ego, I want to put my acting talent into something that is lasting. I want to be a mirror of someone's behaviour during an interview, businessdeal and so on so that he or she can learn how to be more effective, involved, caring and succesfully managing. Being a training- and assesment actor is a fullfilling job and gives you more satisfaction than the capricious media world. That doesn't mean that I say my media activities farewell; on the contrary. The balance between the two workingfields enlarge my talents and motivation

As a voice-over specialized in both acting texts and voice-over texts; many characters (voices) As an actor I am asked for various roles; the villain, the anti-hero, family man etc.
The versatile combination of talents (secondary education, actor, presenter, director, translator) makes me unique

Nominated with theater group De Kunst for best Amateur theater group
2008: 25th anniversary as an actor


voice actor (male)
actor (male)
training actor
directing - directing actors
directing - TV & AV productions
screenwriting - promotional films
screenwriting - dialogue
film producer
production - commercial
website - content manager

Commercial, ENG / TV reports, Internet film, Drama for Television / Series

Mike Kuyt
Alkmaar / NL
actor, voice-over, director, filmmaker, training actor