Frits van der Sman
Langerak / NL
producer, director, camera

Active at home and abroad since 1971 with that crazy often inexplicable enthusiasm. Transitions between feature film, music specials, commercials, documentaries. TV productions and now audiovisual care improvement, are not always easy, but are usually respectful, pleasant and dynamic. In other words, switching between those areas is an excellent incentive to combine experience and acquired knowledge. Several trips to non-obvious activities resulted in a project 'AudioVisual medical Care' (AVMC) which I firmly jumped into because I saw gaping information holes there that deserve otherwise. A large number of supporting modules are already up and running for patients and the environment.

Don't just research, prepare and record something. But first testing and developing control methods to offer all content in a correct ethical and privacy-safe manner. Invent/develop film and video techniques for medical education, documentaries and corporate films.

Won ZIP competition for entering the TEDx stage 2011 Hospital Award


directing - documentary (main profession)
film producer (main profession)
directing - TV & AV productions
directing - all round
directing - visual director
directing - commercials
camera - all round
camera - documentary
production - commercial

Corporate film, Commercial, Documentary, Internet film

Frits van der Sman
Langerak / NL
producer, director, camera