Leks Verkerk
actor, script writer, director, editor
Dussen / NL
about me
Together with colleague/friend Stefan Schreuders, I have been active for years making films with a high humor content, for adolescent viewers, found suitable and awarded by VPRO's Villa Achterwerk, inspired by VPRO heroes of yesteryear, we make road trips noor sunnier places and publish our material on our website and via youtube.

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The prototype bearded adventurer! Unique, fond of nonsense and always looking for the unknown. Like to shock, be rebellious, and love to take points of view out of context in discussions. I am always willing to go to the edge. So sometimes I just go over it. For example, much to the chagrin of my fans, I was dismissed as a DJ at a local radio station, crashed several cars and survived many falls and adventures. Clearly have an angel on my shoulder, because despite my sometimes ill-considered actions I have never really been seriously damaged. After my studies I went to the Sahara with my old-timer Citroën HY fries bus camper. Wandered around for 8 months enjoying my freedom and traveling. From then on it was certain that I would no longer be able to live in a permanent place. Have always driven special old vehicles. I've had a motorcycle for about three years now. Not just any bike, but “the Beast†. A very thick matte black chopper that sounds like a B52 bomber.

MUNDAKA, The film (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1337669/
GOATS!!! - Trailer and +/-80-part miniseries (2007-2012)
Villa Butt Do It Yourself Award 10-12-2006 (2009)
Poop Sock Promo Day (2008)
Gegennödl - trailer and 10-part series (2006/2007)
Poo Sock - The Movie (2006)
Simca (2006)
Pro Sandboard Heroes (2006)

VADHZ Award 2006: Jury and audience award for the series: Gegennödl
HSA Surf film award 2009: GOATS! Trailer. Category: Best Picture

software knowledge
Pinnacle 12 Pro

Documentary, Internet film, Short film

Leks Verkerk
Dussen / NL
actor, script writer, director, editor