Cato-Margo Peekel
Laren / NL
voice-over, director, editor

Directing promos, commercials, documentaries and TV programs is my passion. But using my voice for various AV productions is also really a passion that I enjoy very much. As a presenter I can guide the audience in a spontaneous and playful way, interview and provide information in TV & Radio programs and / or live event. Check out for my demos, examples and my CV.

Flexible, experienced, creative, team spirit, good sense of tone of the product, fast & good


editing - commercials (main profession)
teacher editing (main profession)
presenter (main profession)
editing - musicvideo (main profession)
editing - trailers, teasers, reels (main profession)
editing - television (main profession)
editing - documentary (main profession)
editing - corporate film (main profession)
editing - online (main profession)
editing - offline (main profession)
editing - avid (main profession)
editing - adobe premiere (main profession)
colorist (main profession)
authoring & video mastering (main profession)
directing - documentary (main profession)
directing - commercials (main profession)
directing - all round (main profession)
directing - TV & AV productions (main profession)
voice actress (female) (main profession)
freelance teacher
format development
teacher directing documentaries
publicity (distribution)
teacher workshops
teacher (not at university)
idea development / comcepting
directing - children
directing - visual director
actress (female)

Corporate film, Documentary, ENG / TV reports, Television

Cato-Margo Peekel
Laren / NL
voice-over, director, editor