Jerry Kroezen
Enschede / NL
entertainer, presenter, actor

I'm a sturdy guy. Striking but also common head. Little Twente accent. Get funny soon. Slightly awkward extra. On the one hand intelligent, on the other hand a clumsy. Nice type for a role in which someone gets themselves and others into trouble through a huge blunder.

My name is Jerry Kroezen and I drive across the country in my theater camper under the title Jerry's Special. During my career I have discovered that my specialty lies in entertaining people with attention and play. I started acting from making radio plays and that's what I enjoy doing the most. So I usually present myself in the capacity of one of my self-imagined personalities.

I would like to do something as a dubious medical specialist or expert.

I never win anything.


catering (main profession)
actor (male)
actress (female)
editing - television
voice actor (male)
voice actress (female)
festival production
editing - musicvideo

Commercial, Short film, Television, Experimental

Jerry Kroezen
Enschede / NL
entertainer, presenter, actor