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lengte 7 min.
jaar 2017
producent Varsbayd Films
regie Wouter Springer
scenario Wim Bax, Wouter Springer
synopsis It's 2025. Finally there is a scientific breakthrough: a second chance for the dead. Well, only for those who once hopefully chose for cryonics, like Hélène Toujours. Only eight months after her passing she finds herself renewed and alive at the doorstep of her relatives. But what have they been up to? And what has become of her legacy? As always, grandma clearly has an opinion of her own.

Raymond van der BasDOP / cinematographer
Wouter Springerproducent
Wouter Springerscenario

Charlie Mayacteur (man)
Tom Jongacteur (man)
Annefleur Klinkhameracteur (man)
Lotte Verspooractrice (vrouw)
Annefleur Klinkhameractrice (vrouw)

Drama, Korte film