Olisay Murenzi

Editor wanted for a Student Short Film

Editor wanted for a Student Short Film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Hi, my name is Olisay Murenzi.

The story is about MATTHEW, a 30-year-old man who grapples with the torment of his past and the haunting memories of his deceased wife, MARIE. We follow his journey as he descends into a spiral of drug abuse and self-destruction as he struggles to reconcile his guilt and find peace losing touch with reality, experiencing vivid hallucinations of his wife.

What do we offer?
As this is a student film, the budget is limited. However, travel expenses will be covered by me.



I am looking for an editor for my next short film. In the past, I have taken on the task of editing my own work. However, for this project, I am assembling a more professional team to elevate the quality of the film. That is why, I want an editor with more skills and experience in that department. If you have skills and experience as a colour grader, that would be even better.

Job requirements / profile
My requirements would be:
- Uses Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci, or Avid as editing software.
- A minimum of experience in editing.
- Be able to colour grade as well (this is not mandatory).

Language requirements

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Expires 05-08-2024