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Production internship Conijn Film

Production internship Conijn Film

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Conijn Film BV is a film production company that mainly focuses on documentaries and arthouse films made with great involvement. The company is open to new talent and proven filmmakers with international ambition. Conijn Film is producer of, among others, 'How to Describe a Cloud' (2 Golden Calf nominations) by David Verbeek and 'A Family Affair' (Gouden Kalf) by Tom Fassaert IDFA opening film and worldwide on NETFLIX. We currently have feature films in development by directors David Verbeek and Martijn Maria Smits and a handful of documentaries. Interns work one-on-one with the producer and are a valuable voice within the company.

What do we offer?
After the intake in which the learning objectives and tasks are coordinated, the work starts at the office in Amsterdam. Under guidance, the aim is to achieve the greatest possible personal responsibility in carrying out the tasks and activities. Interns are involved in the ins and outs of business operations based on trust. During ongoing productions, they visit locations where filming is taking place, but they also participate in strategic consultations with funds and/or broadcasters, evaluations, viewings and business negotiations. Based on open management and repeated evaluation moments, the intern learns as much as possible about producing artistic documentaries and feature films in the international field by carrying out a varied range of tasks.

Some learning objectives:
- Develop money awareness in the film world and in business
- learn how to formulate official letters
- develop a sense of drama
- sense the tension in narratives
- learning to sense the ethical boundaries of the documentary and producer profession
-value judgement, taste, developing what are good and bad films (plans).
-getting to know and mastering the unwritten laws of the film industry.

- applying for funds.
- assess and correct film plans content
- communicating with all parties, the crew (director, script writer, editing, etc.), the investors and the broadcasters.
- accounting and budgeting
- reflect on conversations and projects
- maintain, adjust, improve the site
- editing trailers, creating subtitles
- translate film plans into English


HBO / WO thinking level. Passionate affinity with film/drama. Someone who can work independently, carefully, stress-resistant, knows how to tackle things and shares the ambition to create great film projects.

Job requirements / profile
Internships are intended to teach students the profession of documentary and fiction production in practice. The internship is intended to last at least six months so that the various phases in the realization of a film production can be completed. In this way, knowledge is gained about the different development stages of the productions, from idea development to financing to the final distribution of the film.

Language requirements
Dutch and English

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