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Sound designer wanted for graduation film AKV St Joost

Sound designer wanted for graduation film AKV St Joost

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We have made a film and with this film we want to change the stigma of autism. We are thinking of creating awareness for a realistic representation of autism in the media. That is why we want to portray the complete perception of a girl with autism.

What do we offer?
We offer a project for your portfolio, in order to gain experience with an interesting project.



We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic sound designer, with some experience, who wants to work on our film. Our film has already been shot and there is even a setup for the sound design. We are now looking for someone who can take it to a higher level through good sound design. You will be given a lot of creative space to make your own input.

Job requirements / profile
- You have experience as a sound designer
- You are enthusiastic and driven

Language requirements

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Expires 05-09-2024