Rozemarijn Elisa

Line-producer + art department

Line-producer + art department

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Micro film, shot for 1-2 days in August.
It's inspired by '90's over the top commercials, and has a sci-fi element to it.
Experienced crew + cast on board and a great opportunity to learn / form connections. It's low budget because I'm self-funding and have just been wanting to create short films with talented people. Will be submitted to festivals and has the potential to grow into a larger story.

What do we offer?
For sure travel costs, food and a credit, potentially some sort of compensation but TBD.

professionele productie / lowbudget


Looking for a line-producer to help me with anything I'm forgetting to do. I am mainly producing myself, but as I'm a writer/actor I need some support on the day of shooting.

Also looking for art department to help create the world - especially as the film is about a device that doesn't exist. Need someone who knows how to make props.

Job requirements / profile
As above ^

Language requirements
English/Dutch (optional)

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