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Actor WANTED: MAN 20/30/40

Actor WANTED: MAN 20/30/40

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Dear All,

For an assignment for school, we (Seb, Colin, Nina and Twan) made a commercial for a steel company. A potential customer is shown around the company by a guide.

What do we offer?
We (Seb, Colin, Nina and Twan) would like to reimburse the travel costs. Location: Rijssen (Overijssel). We will arrange a lunch! It's about volunteer work. Are you/do you know someone who would like to do this?



For a school assignment, we are looking for an actor (age 30/40/50, male) who plays a role as a guide in a steel company. He won't have to speak much, but he will be shown on screen several times (of course).

Kind regards,

Seb, Colin, Nina and Twan

Language requirements
Dutch/a little German

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