Tessa Bil

48HFP: Still looking for 1st AC, MUAH and PAs

48HFP: Still looking for 1st AC, MUAH and PAs

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For the upcoming 48 Hours Film project in Utrecht (June 21 to 23), I am still looking for team members for the latest positions for the "Generator Films" team.

What do we offer?
Because according to the regulations of 48 Hours no one who participates in the production is allowed to be paid, everyone participates unpaid. We of course hope for a nice collaboration and who knows, we may be able to work together on paid projects in the future.

professionele productie / lowbudget


1st AC/focus puller, MUAH and production assistant

Job requirements / profile
We are still looking for people in the following positions:

- 1st AC/Focus Puller, own equipment is a plus, but not a must
- Production assistants, preferably with a driver's license and a car
- MUAH, with a particular focus on hairdressing

Language requirements
Dutch English

Respond / more information
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Expires 21-06-2024