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In-house post producer (minimum 32 hours)

In-house post producer (minimum 32 hours)

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Would you like to work on the post-production of (International) feature films, documentaries and series for cinema and television?
Then read on!

FeverFilm is looking for an in-house producer who is responsible for the post-production workflow of the ongoing productions within FeverFilm.
As an In-house producer, you map out each project creatively, technically and organizationally and determine a workflow, budget and planning. You put together a team and ensure that everyone involved in the project is managed internally.

FeverFilm, together with Posta Sound for Picture, is one of the larger players that offer both Picture and Sound post-production for cinema productions and TV series under one roof. It has professional studios and cinema internships where work is done at a high level on (international) productions.

What do we offer?
Required Knowledge
-Knowledge and experience (at least 1 year) with setting up complex post-production workflow and pipelines for cinema and television.
-Extensive technical and up-to-date knowledge of the post-production process including VFX.
-Experience with estimating Post-production budgets
-Experience with planning post-production processes
-Experience in managing employees and freelancers.
-Knowledge of Farmerswife planning system is an advantage


Job requirements / profile
-Advises clients and crew on technical and organizational levels and makes clear agreements about the workflow of the entire post-production process, including VFX. Record these agreements in writing.
-Prepares quotations and discusses them internally and with clients.
-Ensures a clear transfer of the project to executive creatives and keeps a finger on the pulse during the implementation of projects.
-Is the first point of contact for problems and provides a clear solution and guidance to clients.
-Ensures that productions remain within budget and schedule and communicates to the customer about deviations.

Required competencies
-Technically and productionally skilled in the field of Picture and sound post-production for cinema and television
-Takes the lead in management both internally and externally.
-Records work well in transferable protocols and has an eye for detail
-Knows how to put the right people together to achieve results.
-Can keep an overview of multiple productions at the same time.
-Is flexible and stress-resistant, can withstand peak/valley loads.
-Thinks solution-oriented and has a positive attitude.
-Is precise and can communicate clearly to customers and employees.
-Enjoys expanding his/her network at events, festivals and premieres
-Speaks and writes good Dutch and English.
-Living in the Amsterdam region

Language requirements
Dutch English

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