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Make-up artist wanted / Short film

Make-up artist wanted / Short film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Blent Productions
We are looking for a make-up artist for our short film ''Flower Stench''. The make-up artist will be present for 3.5 days and make up 2 actors per day.
The short film is about legal forms of domestic violence. Think of: isolating, belittling and controlling. The film aims to create more awareness about the legal forms of domestic violence and to make this a topic of discussion. The short film will be shown in Kino Rotterdam and at the Cinerama in Rotterdam.

Story description
'What if the love you give someone else for years is mixed up with hate?'
'What if love doesn't smell quite right and leaves an inexplicable odor?'
The film follows the story of three couples who all experience a different form of legal domestic violence.

What do we offer?
We offer travel expenses reimbursement and a daily allowance of 80 euros per day. In addition, catering will be available on the set and you will receive a ticket for the film premiere. We will make it a fun experience. Photos will also be taken that you can use for your portfolio. There is a lot of room to learn and we greatly appreciate our own initiative. We also work with professional actors and actresses and a DOP

professionele productie / lowbudget


We are looking for a make-up artist who will be present on set to make up the actors.

Job requirements / profile
- experience with make-up for camera.
- making up actors & actresses.
- stress-resistant.

Language requirements
Dutch English

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Expires 30-06-2024