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URGENTLY looking for actress (25-30 years)!

URGENTLY looking for actress (25-30 years)!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Urgently looking for an actress for a student short film at St. Joost in Breda.

It is an atmospheric/poetic film about finding inner peace with the conflict of loneliness.
Mara lives alone in a house in the middle of nature. She specifically wanted to live there because she was tired of the city. Here she does her everyday activities to have her inner peace. While she has/is looking for it, she notices that she still feels lonely. She has (almost) no human contact and she misses it.

It will probably take place in North Brabant. Only location has not yet been found.

There is no dialogue present. I am still thinking about a voice-over.

What do we offer?
Travel expenses will be reimbursed. Catering is also available.



Mara (female, 25-30 years)

Language requirements
Dutch or English

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