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Vfx artist wanted for graduation film

Vfx artist wanted for graduation film

(auto-translated from Dutch)


Hey video mates, for my graduation film called 'De Mennekes' I am looking for a VFX artist. It is a short film of 20 minutes.

The film is about Philip, a once famous singer, who struggles with loneliness due to his declining popularity. He longs for his childhood friends and seeks solace in a company where you can relive memories. There he is confronted with his former arrogance and selfishness and realizes that the lack of contact with his friends is his own fault. This realization motivates him to reconnect with his friends and restore the bonds he has neglected.

What do we offer?
Because it is a graduation film, I am dependent on crowdfunding. Unfortunately, there is little budget available.



I am looking for someone who has experience in VFX and has previously worked on short films. These are realistic elements that need to be removed or added.

Job requirements / profile
This concerns the following elements:
- place logo on a moving van
- change design on moving board
- remove dixi and container in the background
- place video on a screen
- add a pear lamp in the foreground in a living room

Language requirements

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