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(Edel) Extras wanted for short film "DEPRONIMA"

(Edel) Extras wanted for short film "DEPRONIMA"

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For a graduation film by Mickey Minnaar on behalf of the University of the Arts Utrecht, we are looking for enthusiastic (bit part) extras as party goers! Will you also participate?

What do we offer?
We offer a travel allowance and of course there is catering available on set!


Amsterdam/Utrecht (onder voorbehoud)

During a party in a remote forest, Nuno (17) and his friends, Effe (17), Sava (17) and Niva (16), are threatened by a dark energy called Depronima. The creature feeds on people's inner suffering and strikes when you are in your most insecure and unstable emotional state. The insecurities, problems and frustrations prevent Nuno and his friends from recognizing each other's. When his best friend, Effe, hints that he is considering taking his own life, he too turns out to be vulnerable to Depronima. The realization that he could lose his best friend forces Nuno to face his fears. Together with his friends, he does everything he can to convey their love for Effe and make the dark energy disappear once and for all.

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