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Make-up Artist wanted for film competition

Make-up Artist wanted for film competition

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Hello all,

We, the team behind "Silver Screen Syndicate", would like to invite you to join us at the 48 Hour Film Event in Utrecht from June 21 to 23, 2024! After our success at the last Dutch 48 Hour Film Event in Arnhem, we are ready for a new challenge and we want you to be part of our team!

We will be filming in breathtaking locations, mainly in and around Amsterdam. The premiere of our film will take place in a cinema in Utrecht. And we need YOU!

What do we offer?
Our experienced team members have completed a 48 Hour Film Event before. Success makes you want more, and for that we need YOU!

**About the 48 Hour Film Project:**
The 48 Hour Film Project is:

An exciting creative weekend
Filmmakers who make short films
A global event taking place in more than 100 cities

It all starts with the Kickoff event on Friday evening, June 21, where we and the other teams will draw genres and receive the required elements for your film.

Then the race begins - writing, filming and editing, and doing everything you can to submit your short film on Sunday evening.

The big reward is seeing your masterpiece on the big screen in a local theater. Every film, whether submitted on time or late, will be shown. There's nothing better than seeing your film with an audience and seeing firsthand how they react to your film.

The winning films - determined by local jury members - will be announced during the city awards event. More than a dozen awards will be presented - from Best Acting to Best Directing to the top prize: Best Film.

Join us, challenge yourself and be part of this exciting cinematic adventure!


Omgeving van Amsterdam

We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer for the role of Make-up Artist within our team.

Join us and be part of our creative adventure!

Job requirements / profile
As a Make-up Artist of the "Silver Screen Syndicate" film team, we expect the following from you:

- Creates and provides makeup looks for actors based on the characters and film requirements.
- Works with the director and costume designer to achieve the desired appearance of the characters.
- Applies makeup suitable for different lighting conditions and film shooting.
- Ensures the durability of the makeup during long shooting days.
- Can apply special effects makeup if necessary (e.g. injuries, aging effects).

Because the 48 Hour Film Event is an intensive and short-lived production, both the Make-up Artist and other team members must be able to work flexibly, quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines. Collaboration and communication with other team members are essential for success during the project.

Language requirements
Dutch and possibly English

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Expires 22-06-2024