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Sound designer wanted URGENT - Graduation film

Sound designer wanted URGENT - Graduation film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are urgently looking for a sound designer for the graduation film NEVEL.
NEVEL is a psychological drama film about the experience of someone with Alzheimer's. We take the viewer into the world where the main character fluctuates between the present and his past.

The story follows 75-year-old Hidde, who, when he no longer knows the way home, looks for his father. The boundaries between past and present seamlessly blur, causing him to encounter places and memories linked to his childhood trauma; his father's alcohol addiction.

What do we offer?
Because it is a student film and we have to raise the budget ourselves, unfortunately there is not enough to really pay the cast and crew. A small (formal) fee is negotiable for the sound design and we will reimburse any equipment/material costs.

If you do not have your own equipment but do have experience, it is possible to do the sound design in a brand new professional sound studio at our academy.



For this 20-minute film, we are urgently looking for a sound designer who can start working on the project at short notice. The film is currently being edited, but is quickly moving towards picture lock.

We are looking for someone who has experience with sound design and would like to be part of this project.

Job requirements / profile
- Experience with sound design
- Being able to think creatively about the concept of the film where we create two worlds from the present and the past

Language requirements

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Expires 30-05-2024