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Cameraman wanted for a starting YouTube channel!!

Cameraman wanted for a starting YouTube channel!!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Hi Everyone,

We are a start-up financial YouTube channel that aims to provide financial entertainment in the form of vertical media. We plan to upload 5-30 minute videos to entertain this generation with financial content. Consider, for example, following someone who trades in exotic fish and makes a living doing so. (Crazy example, right?)

What do we offer?
We are starting out, so we don't have a big budget.
We will arrange breakfast, lunch or dinner and travel expenses.

semi-professionele productie


We are looking for a novice cameraman who would enjoy shooting videos for a starting YouTube channel.
It would be nice if you have some experience in editing, but that is not a plus.

Job requirements / profile
During filming, of course, keep an eye on whether the sound is working properly.
I also think your own input is important.

Language requirements
Dutch English

Respond / more information
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Expires 20-05-2024