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Cameraman wanted for new program 'Say it with Cake'

Cameraman wanted for new program 'Say it with Cake'

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Are you a passionate cameraman/woman looking for a new and exciting project? Do you want to be part of a team that warms hearts and brings smiles with the power of cake and emotion? Then this is your chance!

For the sparkling new program for our new channel on YouTube 'Say it with Cake', we are looking for a talented cameraman or camerawoman to join our team. Led by cake baker and presenter, Furkan Sogut, we will fulfill the wishes of our participants in a special and surprising way – with cake! What will distinguish this program are the most diverse and special wishes of our participants. Whether it concerns making a romantic marriage proposal, pulling off an epic prank on that one friend or colleague who always teases, surprising a beloved celebrity, supporting a loved one who is seriously ill, highlighting an organization, announcing a pregnancy or resolving a conflict between two friends/family members with cake as reconciliation. We want to capture these moments on camera and share them with the world, all with a touch of sweetness and lightness.

As our cameraman you will have the unique opportunity to capture these meaningful and intimate moments and help create unforgettable memories.

What do we offer?
• Compensation in consultation for your valuable contribution to the program.
• A unique opportunity to be part of an inspiring and innovative project.
• Collaboration with a passionate and dedicated team.

professionele productie / lowbudget


• Experience as a cameraman, with a keen eye for detail and creativity.
• Flexibility and enthusiasm to capture every wish in a unique way.
• Team spirit and good communication skills.
• A passion for the concept of our program 'Say it with Cake'.

Job requirements / profile
Our preference is for a cameraman/woman who will also edit the images himself. Experience as an editor in addition to a cameraman is therefore an advantage.

Language requirements

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Expires 31-05-2024