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Casting Call for a student film for children

Casting Call for a student film for children

(auto-translated from Dutch)

When Sepp goes looking for Mr. Coincidence and Mrs. Lot
In order to undo his grandfather's accident, he continues to learn
unexpected encounters during his journey more and more about the
coincidences and destinies that are inextricably linked
turn out to be alive.

Who wants to help us realize our Sepp adventure?
We are looking for actors for our short children's film that we are making as students at the HKU!

What do we offer?
A fun experience to participate in a student film at the HKU



Who wants to help us realize our Sepp adventure?
We are looking for a total of 7 actors, of which everyone except Sepp will only take 1 shooting day.
We are looking for the following people:

- Sepp (10-12 years, Male) 4 shooting days
Is a cheerful and gentle one
boy, raised in a warm family.
Sepp can easily blend in
his own world, full of creative stories.
He also enjoys drawing and comics
read. The death of his grandfather has made Sepp
deeply touched, he was very close to him.
Like Sepp from the big people around him
heard, it was simply bad luck
and coincidence that struck his grandfather. From being
he is sad and incomprehensible for the situation
therefore determined to Mr. Coincidence and
Mrs. Lot to visit and the death of
to undo his grandfather.

- The Jansen sisters (55-70 years, Female) 1 shooting day
Are 2 enormous chatterboxes, those together
work as secretaries at the Association for
Foreign traffic. The sisters are an exact copy
from each other and have had enough experiences
who convinced them that coincidence is not
consists. The sisters believe that everything in it
life is predestined.

- Rikkie the street artist (20-25 years, Male/Female/Non-Binary) 1 shooting day
A young street artist who is carefree as a flyer
goes through life. He doesn't keep appointments
rules and don't plan anything ahead. Rikkie takes the day like this
it comes and sees where the coincidences lead it.

- Gijs the traffic controller (40-45 years, Male) 1 shooting day
Has been working as a traffic controller for years
same,deserted intersection. Gijs is one
organized person who does everything but
especially his own life in the right direction
tries to lead what he has in mind.
However, this leads to failure more often than not
success and now Gijs is desperate.
How does he finally turn his life around?
runs the way he sees it?

-Mrs Lot (50-60 years, Woman) 1 shooting day
Is the personification of fate. She is an elegant and
at the same time mysterious appearance. Nevertheless, it is
they are extremely friendly. And although sometimes they are a little
can appear vague and often speaks in riddles,
she is full of good advice. Mrs. Lot stands in front of the
events that seem to be predestined.
Things that would happen anyway. Or like them
it itself would say 'that which is written in the stars'.

- Mr. Coincidence (50-60 years, Male) 1 shooting day
cheerful, peculiar person. He's quite chaotic
and often change from topic to topic, but can still be done on its own
packed with wisdom in an unexpected way.
Mister Coincidence stands for everything small or large
coincidences that happen in everyday life.
These events are without reason or meaning
and the outcome cannot be predicted in advance. Although he
is responsible for the coincidences, he has
no hand in the consequences of the coincidences
After all, that is up to the person himself.

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