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Casting short films

Casting short films

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are working on a short film of about 5 minutes about Melle, who tells his sister how he envisions his perfect life as a famous pianist. He is confronted with the fact that his father will not support him in this. It is a playful film, with a layered undertone. We see the story that Melle tells come to life, with an 'older Melle' as a character: Ewout. Ewout does not get along well with his father, who does not accept his fascination with classical music. Luckily he has Uncle Egbert. His uncle lives on a farm where there is a piano that Ewout plays as often as possible. Egbert sympathizes with Ewout when he secretly applies for the conservatory.

What do we offer?
Expenses reimbursement, experience on a (student) film set, a great short film to star in!


Bergen NH

We are looking for actors for the following roles:

Person Ewout:
Between 20 and 24 years old. A closed boy, a little different from others, with a passion for music. Preference is someone who plays the piano. If the role suits you very well, but you do not play the piano, we can look for a solution by also working with a pianist.

Character Uncle Egbert:
Between 45 and 70 years old. Single, sweet man, who has been a farmer all his life. He is happy with life and loves his nephew. He is there for Ewout when he rebels against his parents and decides to go to the conservatory.

(audition through a short self-tape)

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