Morrison J. Jansen Bramervaer

Soundtracks // Sound Design

Soundtracks // Sound Design

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Creating soundtrack composition and sound design for Film and (TV/Radio) commercials, Sonic branding (sound logo f.i.).


I am Morrison, an upcoming soundtrack composer and sound designer specializing in film and commercials. With over a decade of experience in production, I excel in translating emotions and visual concepts into captivating sonic experiences. My portfolio spans across various genres, ranging from electronic to jazz and neo-classical.

Currently, I am seeking opportunities to collaborate with new professionals in the industry, as well as open to working on university projects. If you are a filmmaker in search of a dependable and versatile yet cost-effective producer, I invite you to reach out to me, and let's explore potential collaborations.

Music holds a paramount role in the realm of filmmaking. It has the power to succinctly convey emotions, enhance the immersive quality of a scene, and deeply resonate with audiences on a personal level. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a neurology study exploring the influence of sound on taste perception, yielding remarkable findings. Additionally, I have honed my craft in creating soundscapes that appeal to both children and adults, striking a balance between charm and excitement, as exemplified in my work on a film trailer for the "Secret Scouts" book series launch.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working together and creating memorable auditory experiences for your projects.

Warm regards,


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