Don van Andel

Gaffer wanted for short film

Gaffer wanted for short film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

It is a short film (12 to 15 minutes) 'Alexander shouldn't eat Coriander'
Alexander Needs No Coriander is a black comedy in which PETA secret agent Alexander goes on the mission of his life, but then comes face to face with his greatest enemy, coriander.

What do we offer?
Expenses reimbursement, a great group of people to work with and it's a very nice story.



I am still looking for a gaffer (person who does the lighting) for my final assignment for my film training at NAVB.
I can arrange gear.

Job requirements / profile
Someone with experience with light for film in a mainly dark indoor environment

Language requirements
Dutch or English

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Expires 15-04-2024