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Main lighting wanted for cinema film scene

Main lighting wanted for cinema film scene

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are looking for a head of lighting for the first (stand-alone) scene of our indie cinema film. If the collaboration is successful, it is possible to also become head of lighting for the complete cinema film. More information about the film at www.reiderlanddefilm.nl. It concerns the opening scene of the film with a huge historic airplane in a hangar and some vintage cars.

What do we offer?
With this project you can participate in a fantastic Dutch adventure film that will actually be released in the cinema.

We are all volunteers, and with this project we offer (semi-)professionals a wonderful stepping stone to the big screen. It is not yet certain how much the funds and crowdsurfing will yield, and the payments/fees will depend heavily on that. Everyone who participates must agree to this.

We offer good and transparent cooperation

Vliegveld Gilzen-Rijen

Job requirements / profile
As head of lighting, we want someone who can ensure that the lighting of the film corresponds exactly to that of an Indiana Jones film, as Douglas Slocombe and later Janusz Kaminski did: glamorous, warm, never too dark and never too light , subtle fill lights, and bright backlights that are atmospherically out of focus.

We are looking for someone with real, professional experience, who can see our adventure film as a passion project, in which it is mainly about jointly realizing a beautiful film that has to be made, rather than getting rich from it.

Language requirements

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Expires 01-11-2024