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Graphic Designers & Animators WANTED!

Graphic Designers & Animators WANTED!

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As a fourth-year film student, I am working on the production of my final film 'Into the Unknown.'. Into the Unknown is a mystery/crime-like film that lasts about 10 minutes and is based on the 'screenlife' genre. As a viewer, you look through the digital computer screen of the main character. Personally, I have been enormously inspired by this genre of screenlife, for example by films such as 'Searching', 'Missing' & 'Unfriended: Dark Web'. In short, the film is about 24-year-old online influencer Eva who, together with her best friend Emily, conducts online research to find out the identity of her stalker.

What do we offer?
A very fun and unique experience to work on a film in the screenlife genre that fits well in your portfolio! A small compensation is also available upon consultation.

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For this final film I am still looking for a graphic designer who will help create the screens and windows that appear on screen. I am also looking for an editor/animator who can work well with After Effects.

Job requirements / profile
I am looking for someone who has reasonable experience with Adobe Illustrator and/or After Effects. Together with the team, I want to create vectors of everything that appears on the screen and then animate it in After Effects. To get a good idea of what I want to make, I recommend watching the trailer of the film 'Searching':

Language requirements
Dutch English

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