Stephan Raes

Looking forbfilm academynsudents to make a brief documentary

Looking forbfilm academynsudents to make a brief documentary

(auto-translated from Dutch)

This year marks the 25th time that a group of friends from Nijmegen and Amsterdam meet in Limbricht near Sittard. The first time this was a hockey tournament, but that was a long time ago. In recent years, the group met there in Limbricht on Pentecost Saturday in cafe de Batsen in Limbricht to have a drink and especially to sing. Pentecost Saturday in that cafe has now become a permanent part of the village calendar where residents come. My friends and I are now well over fifty, but we continue to see each other there once a year, no matter what we have experienced in terms of deaths, births, divorces and falling in love. This year is our 25th anniversary and I would like to make a short film of it, filled with short interviews with the men, an image of what we do there together and a bit of a retrospective. Working title on a beautiful Pentecost day. I think this can provide a beautiful image and perhaps something beautiful on your side as well. Email me if you like this and I will explain further. Greetings Stephan

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