Wessel van Wanrooij

Need help with your directing preparation or screenplay?

Need help with your directing preparation or screenplay?

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Based on the dramatic core and your vision, deepen your script or directorial preparation.

Are you writing a screenplay or preparing a shooting script? Are you stuck and would you like to spar with someone? Maybe I can do something for you!

We will look at your story together from the perspective of the drama and from your vision we will look for the answers you need to take the next step. We tailor my services to your wishes and budget. Also accessible to young, novice makers.

Extensive experience in writing and directing (short) films. I also teach filmmaking at HBO, at the Open Studio and I have been a mentor at the talent lab of the Dutch Film Academy for a number of years.

Are you interested or would you like to know more about me? Please feel free to contact us via wessidestories.com

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