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First AD wanted for short graduation film AKV St. Joost

First AD wanted for short graduation film AKV St. Joost

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Logline: When a young woman finds herself in a heated conflict with her boyfriend, her evening takes a dark turn full of impulsive, escapist decisions and unusual encounters with different people that make her question her own perception of the truth.

- Genre: Psychological drama
- Main theme: Borderline personality disorder
- Subject: Selena
- Length: 20-25 minutes
- Style: Psychological realism
- Point of view: The story is told from Selena's subjective perception
- Arena: The 'dark' nightlife of Amsterdam, in a realistic setting
- Language: Dutch
- Director: Indya Suer

Motivation: Our goal is to combat the stigmatization of borderline and provide a realistic picture of the inner world of someone living with this disorder. We want to portray the complete subjective perception of a girl with borderline personality disorder.

What do we offer?
We offer a project for your portfolio, experience opportunities and the chance to network with our talented crew. The project has a student budget, so compensation depends on the proceeds from crowdfunding. Travel expenses are reimbursed and catering is available.



We are looking for an enthusiastic First Assistant Director (First AD) who wants to work together on a short graduation film. You are part of a talented crew, where you contribute to an important social goal; combating stigmas surrounding mental disorders. You will work closely with the director and producers, which is why good communication skills are required. The team consists of both Dutch and English speakers, so it is a must to have a good command of these two languages. Your contribution will be necessary to realize the director's vision. This project offers a dynamic and challenging environment, as the cinematography and narrative distort reality and push the boundaries between surrealism and realism. We will be shooting at interesting locations, such as a nightclub, night shop and subway. As a First AD you will have many responsibilities. We strive for an environment of collaboration and creativity, in which everyone can make their contribution. Our crew is growing fast with new creative and talented people.

Job requirements / profile
- Some experience in first assistant is a plus
- Good communication skills
- Speak Dutch and English fluently

Language requirements
Dutch English

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