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Short film producer wanted

Short film producer wanted

(auto-translated from Dutch)

I am looking for a producer for the short film 'Dwang'. A vulnerable and honest film about drug addiction and its effects. A confrontational story with scenes based on true stories of ex-addicts. In this psychological drama in the style of "Black Mirror" and "Gone Girl", design plays a special role. (More information about this if interested.) The film contains a major plot twist that will make the viewer think.

24-year-old Charly wants nothing more than to earn money with his greatest passion: dance and entertainment. He is a big name in the Dutch ballroom world and can often be found in the gay scene. However, these passions have caused him to have a major alcohol and drug problem, which increasingly affects his life. Due to his nocturnal adventures, he loses the people around him, his health deteriorates every day and he experiences more and more anxiety and panic attacks. As Charly's work, passion and health increasingly suffer from his drug use, he unknowingly faces a crucial choice: Will Charly choose his health and ambition, or will he allow himself to be drawn further into the devastating world of drugs and narcotics?

What do we offer?
A great film for your portfolio, an expansion of your network and a great collaboration.

Short about me: I am a third-year audiovisual student at the HKU. My debut film Lieve Piet, which was released last year, has now received a number of great awards, including: Best First Time Director and the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Benelux International Film Festival. Over the past six months, during my Minor, I have been researching addiction and developing the scenario of 'Compulsion'. I will also direct the film.

professionele productie / lowbudget


I am looking for a producer for the short film Dwang. I am looking for someone with passion and production experience who wants to start this project with me. This includes making a budget, submitting and registering for subsidies and funds, (further) composing the crew and keeping track of the budget.

Job requirements / profile
Proctional tasks, making applications for funds and subsidies with me, keeping track of the budget, putting together a great cast and crew, making recording schedules, searching for locations. Etc.

Tasks are negotiable and I see this as a collaboration! :)

Language requirements
Dutch or English

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