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Actors & Crew wanted!

Actors & Crew wanted!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Who's ready for round two?
So, we already cast some great female lead actresses, but we are still in need to fulfill the male roles.
The film genre is 'thriller' and we've compelled an awesome script.
Planning is to shoot (part of) the film during the summer, so if you are ready to be part of something great take a shot!

What do we offer?
Depending on location, traveling costs, and of course good food and drinks.
And of course, a unique experience to be part of something probably great and an opportunity to meet great people and learn from each other.

semi-professionele productie

The Hague

We are a small team and we are looking for talented male actors.
The lead roles consist of three young males accompanied by three females with the addition of one important extra female role.
Depending on the candidates it will be in full English (preference) or Dutch.
If you're looking to get creative with your beginning experience or talent then perhaps this is something to sink your teeth in.
We are also looking for additional team members for lighting and sound or camera work. So get excited and join the team!

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