Margarita Kosareva

Actress (42-48) and actor (48-55) for short film

Actress (42-48) and actor (48-55) for short film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Logline: Within the confined space of a family apartment, the parents engage in a peculiar exercise known as the "paradox intervention", leading to daily arguments at the same time. Meanwhile, their daughter seeks solace in her room through dance, transcending the chaos around her, until she finds herself repeatedly falling on the same spot. This moment of self-awareness unveils the possibility that she may not be alone in the room.

Genre: comedy drama
Title: Going Going Gone
Main theme: family drama
Style: magical realism
Length: 10 minutes

Motivation: "Going, Going, Gone" aims to capture the intricacies of familial dynamics, focusing on the thin line between love and hate, co-existence of fun and danger. It is a visual observation of the absurdities embedded in everyday life within a destructive family setting, capturing the raw emotions, conflicts, and paradoxes inherent in familial relationships while mimicking the classical narrative of the haunted house.

About me: I am an audio visual artist in my graduation year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. I have a bachelor's degree in film studies. Throughout my studies and artistic practice, I was exploring the ambivalence of the human psyche and challenging social codes. My previous works have delved into themes such as identity crises, trans-generational trauma, and the complexities of life in the diaspora in form of narrative short films, video installations and animation. To be able to deal with such existentially draining issues, I often choose humor as a leading element.

What do we offer?
Working with a fun and ambitious crew! Although it concerns a student budget, we aim to provide compensation to the actors, depending on the proceeds from funding. Travel expenses are reimbursed and catering is available.

semi-professionele productie


Actors for the roles of a married couple who lives in a haunted apartment. They are doing a couple therapy exercise. She thinks that he doesn't express himself enough in their relationship. He thinks that she is bored of him.

Wife (acting 45)
A tall elegant established PR manager. She might seem naïve but she knows exactly what to say to make you cry or how to make you feel the most special person in the room. She moves gracefully. She fell in love at a young age and left behind a wild youth. She grew up in a stable middle class family.

Husband (acting 52)
Shorter than his wife. He earns less than his wife but inherited a lot of money from his childless great-aunt. He is really hands on and crafty. He is an introvert.

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