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Actors wanted for the Groninger Cine Challenge

Actors wanted for the Groninger Cine Challenge

(auto-translated from Dutch)

In the student film SAVASANA, Participant in the Groninger Cine Challenge. We follow the story of Ellen, a 26-year-old woman who can find peace in an unsafe world at a local yoga studio that (without her knowledge) runs a murder circle.

What do we offer?
A very friendly volunteer team full of semi-professional students who want to pursue their passion for short films.

Travel allowance and catering are currently being worked on, and are therefore unfortunately not yet finalized.

semi-professionele productie

Friesland & Groningen

We are looking for several people to fill these roles.

Thea, a strict café owner (40-50 years old)
A seasoned catering veteran who has worked in the café that used to be her father's from an early age. Doing nothing is never an option and everyone works hard.

Guido, a hipster yoga instructor (30-35)
A hip yoga instructor who may be going through a midlife crisis. A soothing voice and the right words are all you need to take control of a situation.

Two unfriendly men, (Mature)
2 men who have just graduated from secondary vocational education who are standing in a forest hut and whistling a bit at women. Very tough, but when it comes down to it. Then there is nothing in it.

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