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Sound man/woman wanted for St. Joost graduation film

Sound man/woman wanted for St. Joost graduation film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

When a young woman takes steps to realize her dream within the techno scene, she encounters sensory obstacles that seem invisible to others. A chance encounter brings new insight.

This short fiction film (psychological drama, experimental) is about undiagnosed autism in women. From a subjective perspective you follow Cass's experience. Cass has autism but does not know this herself, she does not recognize her limits and therefore constantly exceeds them until this escalates. The aim of the film is to make its viewer look autistic for a moment, so that the accumulation of stimuli and the eventual escalation can be made more insightful and understandable.

We strive to make a valuable film and to really work as a team. We are open to your input and ideas!

What do we offer?
Because this is a student production we have a small budget, it is a passion project in which those involved believe in the message we want to convey.
An opportunity to get in touch with new makers and broaden your network.
Work experience for your CV and portfolio.
Travel expenses reimbursement.
Fun + conviviality ;)


Amsterdam, Brabant

to depict the inner world of a young woman with autism. Sound is important here! In addition to the sounds common to everyone, part of the story is about techno music and how you can translate the inner world based on techno influences.

We want to give the viewer the opportunity to look autistic for a moment. With this we want to lower the threshold for understanding in order to reduce stigma and create recognition.

In addition, it is an advantage if you have experience with neurodiversity. This is the theme of the film, but we also want to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding. A space where there is room for people with different ideas and qualities.

Job requirements / profile
- You are studying or have just graduated in sound and are looking for new experiences!
- You also enjoy working with sound editing in an experimental way and contributing ideas to the conversion of the inner world of experience to the outside world.
- You are familiar with neurodiversity. Have experience with this, know someone in your area or you are just interested.

Language requirements
Dutch English

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