Daan Hettinga

Cinematographer with ALEXA 35 seeks short film projects

Cinematographer with ALEXA 35 seeks short film projects

(auto-translated from Dutch)


Since starting with a Canon 5D Mark II, I've been deeply involved in film and video, evolving my skills to where I am today as a freelance cinematographer in Amsterdam. The addition of advanced equipment to my toolkit, like the ALEXA 35, enables me to capture stories with greater clarity and depth.

I'm seeking short film projects in need of a cinematographer. I believe in teamwork and the power of visual storytelling to bring narratives to life. I'm eager to collaborate on projects that challenge and utilize our combined creative strengths.

For those interested in collaborating, let's connect! My showreel, work and contact details are available on my website: daanhettinga.nl.

Looking forward to creating something memorable together.

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