Thijmen Jong

Screenwriter Psychological Thriller

Screenwriter Psychological Thriller

(auto-translated from Dutch)

The project is a fresh new look on Psychological Thriller and can be considered very experimental. The project allows for complete freedom if it fits the vision of the thriller. In the project I want to experiment with breaking the fourth wall in a complete new, but scary way. I have scenes and a small scenario written but help is needed from someone with experience

It is about Social Anxiety / Paranoia and the subject of having the feeling that people are constantly looking at you. The three stages of the film are: person feels like people are watching him, the people also start noticing the viewer, the person notices the viewer.

What do we offer?
Honest to God feedback. I am new to this but have a certain vision that's difficult to write out. If you manage to do so you did well and can use that for anything jn the future.



We are looking for a Scenario writer with who likes to try out new film categories and is willing to dive into a new sense of writing. They should be familiar with (or willing to explore) the concept of social anxiety and paranoia.

Job requirements / profile
Not really any, if you manage to understand my concept you're good!

Language requirements
Dutch English

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Expires 01-03-2024