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TV series costume team is looking for interns

TV series costume team is looking for interns

(auto-translated from Dutch)

While preparing a major TV series set in ancient times, the costume team is looking for one or two interns.

What do we offer?
We offer: an internship allowance in line with the market, and a great place to learn a lot!


We are looking for creative thinking people who enjoy working very hard and doing a task as well and precisely as possible. Exactly how everyone else within the costume team works. We look at where everyone's strengths/talent lie, and what someone wants to get better at, and adapt the tasks accordingly, where possible. A driver's license is an advantage.

Job requirements / profile
We prefer to look for people who already have experience/knowledge of clothing/costumes and/or film making (art dept, production or other direction)

The work will partly be behind the computer, such as: sorting out/processing the various parts of the script into diagrams, researching inspiration images, organizing and maintaining the planning, finances, putting costume sets per actor, per scene in overviews , and so forth.

But also physically in the studio: organizing the existing costumes and accessories, and organizing/searching for specific clothing for the series, assisting during fitting-in of actors.

Language requirements

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Expires 01-03-2024