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Get up to 450 euros per day for your next film!

Get up to 450 euros per day for your next film!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Ready, Set, Film!
In the Ready, Set, Film! Studio you can completely customize the setting to suit your story. Shoot your film in the existing settings or paint and dress the set differently so that it fits perfectly in your film! With customizable sets, professional lighting and GRIP and a completely light-tight space, you have everything you need for the perfect filming. Thanks to the subsidy from the Open Film Team, you also get the opportunity to take your story to an even higher level!

Any setting is possible
You can store most things in the studio and can therefore paint or otherwise adjust the sets. You can also use the quick looks, including previously used settings (see photo):
• The Living Room: Perfect for domestic scenes or dramatic outings.
• The Stake-Out: Ideal for scenes with detectives or exciting storylines.
• The Interrogation Room: Create intense interrogation scenes with this set.
• The Bedroom: For sleepy or intimate moments.

Are you or do you know someone who is about to shoot a film? Or would you like to film a new project? Then I have good news for you! Opening in the next two months, Ready, Set, Film! its doors for your creative stories with support from the Open Film team. In addition to (short) films, proof of concepts for fiction films or, for example, pitches for crowdfunding are also allowed!

From now until March you can rent the Ready, Set, Film! studio for filming (a scene of) your fiction film, then you can spend up to 450 euros per day through the Open Film Team on props, costumes, decoration, adjustments or additions to the sets!

While available
You can make a reservation on days when the studio space is available via: The budget you can spend is linked to the number of filming days in the studio, so you can also film for several days. For every day that you book the studio, the Open Film Team allows you to spend 300 euros. In addition, you can spend 100 euros per day that you book the lighting set and 50 euros per day that you book GRIP.

Something for you?
You can book directly via After your booking, send an email with the date of your booking and (if you already have one) a budget on which you want to spend the OFT budget to [email protected]. If you have any questions first, you can always email [email protected].

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