Nina Smythe

Social media manager for short film

Social media manager for short film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

“CYCLUS” is a raw, stylish, thriller/drama that follows two love stories that turn into a nightmare. The film explores the subtle red flags of partner abuse (especially prevalent in teenage lives), based on the glorification of romantic ups & downs in modern media.

CYCLUS teaches viewers that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. As filmmakers, we seek to shed light on this struggle and provide awareness and resources to fight domestic abuse and femicide.

We are currently in pre-production and aim to start production in March 2024.

You follow the story of Marit. After Marit moves into a house with her parents, she discovers a tape that belongs to the old resident. Marit will listen to Lisa's story, a girl her age, who explains how her relationship with an extremely manipulative boy turns into something darker.

What do we offer?
Contribution to this film will provide you with a great learning experience that is worth putting on your CV! Not to mention, you get to spread your network and collaborate with some creative and cool people!

This is a passion project therefore we unfortunately do not have the funding to offer compensation.

professionele productie / lowbudget


We are looking for an ambitious and creative social media manager to join our team and help us build an online audience for our developing short film! You will get the opportunity to create an online presence from scratch and incorporate your ideas, and style into the profiles. This is a perfect experience to add to your CV and prove your talents as a social media manager.

We want someone who is especially interested in creating content for TikTok and Instagram. We have a graphic designer that can assist you with content creation too!

We are a small production team that is working very hard on various pre-production tasks and outside obligations and do not have the creative bandwidth or time to establish and grow the profile for our short film on various social media platforms.

Job requirements / profile
We are looking for candidates who are studying social media marketing/management or have prior experience in this role. However, if you are enthusiastic about social media and our film, we will consider anyone, regardless of experience level!

Highlighted tasks include:
- Collaborate with filmmakers and produce content and copy that aligns with the film’s mission and aesthetic
- Create social media post drafts and publish them to platforms once approved by the Producer.
- Create a posting schedule
- Follow online trends and incorporate them into the content
- You are interested in the film’s subject matter and feel strongly about the cause and raising awareness. (You understand the gravity of the themes of domestic abuse and femicide).

Language requirements
English (Dutch is appreciated)

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Expires 31-12-2023