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Crew (camera, lights, MUA) wanted for feature horror film

Crew (camera, lights, MUA) wanted for feature horror film

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Diabolic is a psychological horror film and revolves around Jessica, a woman who grew up with a mother with serious psychological problems. When Jessica, as an adult, slowly but surely develops the same problems as her mother, she begins to suspect that a dark entity is after her. Slowly but surely, Jessica thinks she can unravel the mystery of her past, but is there really something supernatural hunting her or is Jessica suffering from delusions?

Diabolic is our second feature film and it promises to be a blood-curdling horror film that has never been made in the Netherlands. We are an independent Dutch production company and know how to make long feature films with few (financial) resources that find an international audience. Our first feature film can be seen on Amazon Prime ( 0OSFJVJ4EK2AAAO4FJBV27BB84/).

Even though Diabolisch's design is grand, we can keep production small and affordable. For more information about our new film, you can take a look at and our crowdfunding page at -feature horror film

What do we offer?
We offer you a percentage of the proceeds from the film and you will in any case receive an expense allowance from us that covers your travel costs and any material costs. We are still working on raising additional finances to add a little extra on top of this, but we cannot guarantee that at the moment. What we can guarantee is that the film will be shown to an (international) audience and will have a long life on various streaming platforms. However, no one can yet say exactly how much this will yield.

It goes without saying that you will be well taken care of during the shoot, we have delicious catering and we offer credits on IMDb. Are you interested in one of the above positions? Send an email to [email protected] with the subject 'Diabolic' and your desired position including your portfolio and CV. Do you have any questions regarding this advertisement? We will of course be happy to answer them and we may see you on set soon!

professionele productie / lowbudget

Soest en Den Bosch

For the shoot of Diabolisch we are looking for, among other things, a director of photography, a gaffer, a make-up artist and behind the scenes videographer/assistant light & camera.

Job requirements / profile
Director of Photography - You have an affinity with the horror genre and can shoot beautiful and dark pictures. You sense that a shot should linger to build tension and know how to play well with light. Own equipment is not required, we film on a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K with Samyang primes (16mm, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm). We also have a slider as standard and on some shooting days also a dolly and jib. On set you work together with the director and your own input is highly appreciated.

Gaffer - You work with the Director of Photography to create the perfect light. You know how to create exciting, high-contrast light in dark environments. Own equipment is not necessarily necessary, we have two COB LED lamps (Daylight and Bi-Color, both 260 watts), 4 Bi-color LED panels and 2 RGB LED panels in house. We also have some smaller LED lights.

Make up Artist - You have knowledge of basic make up and can get our cast on set without any shine. You can also cause minor injuries such as scratches and cuts. On some shooting days you will work together with our special effects make-up artist to create some fantastic creatures.

Behind the scenes videographer - This is ideal for a student or intern. With our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K you can make behind-the-scenes images of the shoot. You can also support the director of photography and gaffer and thus gain the necessary experience.

Language requirements
Dutch English

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