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Production intern

Production intern

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are looking for a production intern! Do you want to work on film sets, for clients and on your own (fiction) projects? Then come and do an internship at BLIK film!

Send an email with your motivation to [email protected] and who knows, you might soon work with us on a great film production.

What do we offer?
A creative work where you will never be bored!
BLIK has an accessible and positive atmosphere where there is always room for questions and personal development. We are happy to support you, help you on your way and think along with you about your personal goals.


We are looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our team.

Job requirements / profile
During the production process you will help with the preparations for shooting days, provide support on the shooting day itself and participate in the assembly. We prefer someone who also enjoys editing occasionally.

Job requirements:
- Dutch speaking
- Lives in Utrecht or nearby
- Good communication, spoken and written
- In possession of driving license B
- You are independent and not afraid to call people
- You know a little about editing

- Assisting producer in projects. This includes contacting crew members, making schedules, finding actors, booking voice overs, organizing shooting days, making call sheets, reserving equipment, assisting on set, etc.
- BLIK film sets up and supervises its own projects.
- Occasionally help with editing (sporadically)

Language requirements

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Expires 15-12-2023